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Remote Patient Monitoring as a Service is Available

CareSimple is a turnkey remote patient monitoring (RPM) solution made simple enough for any patient to use instantly, with minimal training required. While it is also our goal to have your healthcare organization be able to run your RPM program autonomously, we know that may not be possible to do from day one. That’s why we offer professional services through a multidisciplinary team of nurses, medical assistants, project managers and support specialists, all focused on helping you plan, start and scale your patient monitoring initiative.

Onboarding Your Patients remotely

Identifying, recruiting and setting up your patients are important steps of any successful RPM program. Ensuring a seamless process creates a good first impression with users and also sets up a pipeline of candidates for long-term success. CareSimple’s Patient Onboarding Service is tailored to your healthcare organization’s specific goals and communication styles, and is structured with our field-tested best practice guidelines.

Remote Patient Onboarding

We first work with your team to discuss your RPM program goals, setup patient access, , share best practices and setup your user inclusion/exclusion criteria, as well as provide a recruitment script that will be used initially when reaching out to introduce the offering.



Under the eligibility criteria your team has set, we create a list of potential candidates who would be well-suited to participate in your RPM program. The criteria may include health conditions, type of insurance, patient age and participation in other programs like chronic care management (CCM).


Often the most time-consuming part of the RPM onboarding process, patient recruitment consists of reaching out to potential candidates and educating them around the benefits of program participation. CareSimple takes care of patient outreach and follow-up, using the script and style of your liking.


CareSimple ships pre-configured devices that work right out-of-the-box, with no app, pairing, WiFi, or setup required. With our Patient Onboarding Service, we go the extra mile and take care of welcoming them and walking through their first reading.


The beauty of Patient Onboarding Service is that it pays for itself. Using Medicare CPT code 99453 – RPM setup and patient equipment use education service is eligible for a one-time reimbursement fee of $19.19[1].

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[1] Non-facility national average. Actual reimbursement varies by many factors including state and facility type.

Alerts Management Technology

Regularly monitoring alerts represents the basics of RPM and can easily be delegated when escalation rules are thoroughly established.. Our Alerts Management Service is performed by our team of expertly-trained, U.S.-based and licensed nurses, who follow the triage and escalation protocols established with your organization during implementation.
  • Customization

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    While featuring readily-available best practices, our Alerts Management Service protocols are always reviewed by your program’s medical officer and can be adjusted on day one or at a later time

  • Monitoring

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    Depending on the intent of your RPM program, monitoring alerts should either happen only during business hours, or as a high-availability service. We can support both options with personnel available 24/7

  • Outreach

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    As part of the Alerts Management Service, CareSimple nurses can also reach out directly to patients as part of your triage protocols, to answer basic questions about the service or ensure compliance with the program

  • Escalation

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    Based on your protocols, a physician should be notified when certain thresholds have been exceeded or trends detected. Our Alerts Management Service team escalates under your preferred communication method and/or through your EHR

  • Billing

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    When performed under general supervision of your physician(s), the RPM service qualifies as “auxiliary personnel” and is eligible for reimbursement with CPT codes 99457 and 99458. We can ensure to meet the minimum thresholds of 20 minutes per month

RPM Program Management

Every CareSimple customer can count on our complimentary Program Management Service, where a dedicated client success manager serves as a primary point of contact, walking you through the milestones to plan, implement and scale your RPM program. This offering is not only available at implementation, but rather throughout your entire CareSimple journey.

ic project planning

Project Planning

First establishing roles and responsibilities, we collaboratively set milestones towards your RPM program launch, share best practices, discuss specific requirements, configure your platform and define the KPIs that you will use to measure success.

ic workflow design

Workflow Design

An important part of the implementation, this stage consists of sharing insights around the workflows that have proven successful and optimizing them for your organization. You will be given a test environment access so your team can test the workflow.

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Patient Consent

Whether verbal or written, CareSimple is experienced with collecting patient consent tailoring the process to your practice to keep it as simple and natural as possible. Patients should feel simplicity every step of the way.

program personalization

Program Personalization

Equipped with AMA-inspired and field-tested frameworks, our team works with yours to personalize every part of the patient RPM journey including eligibility, program duration, outreach, alerts management protocols, care plans and questionnaires.
ic performance review

Performance Review

Following the KPIs that were defined and using the reporting and data analysis capabilities of the CareSimple RPM platform, we perform a monthly performance review with your leadership team to collect feedback and suggest improvements.

Technical Support | RPM as a Service

We’re so confident that our solution is trouble-free that we include full technical support, including patient technical support, in all of our CareSimple RPM packages. Your patients, care managers, providers or IT team can contact us by phone, email or through messaging built-in our products.
Our technical support specialists are, like all of CareSimple’s employees, based in North America, HIPAA-trained and follow ISO-certified processes for quality and security, ensuring that your patients and team are served with professionalism, expertise and dedication to solving problems patiently and efficiently.
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(561) 565-5265

Care Manager Training
Training on how to use the CareSimple RPM devices, software platform and EHR integration is an integral part of implementation. If virtual care is generally new to your organization, members of your clinical team may benefit from performing a complete care manager that covers:
Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)
Chronic Care Management (CCM)
Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS)