Three Canadian companies leading the health care sector’s digital transformation

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Although COVID-19 has enabled years’ worth of digital transformation in just a matter of months, some organizations have long been ahead of the curve, such as those leveraging cutting-edge data, cloud and AI solutions to reimagine Canada’s health care sector. Among those leading the industry’s digital charge are organizations like Tactio Health Group, ThoughtWire and RamSoft.

“We are working alongside some incredible customers and partners who are fueling innovation,” says Hilary Zaborski, director of SMB at Microsoft Canada. “COVID-19 has acted as a catalyst for digital transformation across the health care sector, enabling organizations to evolve their services for more efficient operations and better patient outcomes.”

Tactio focuses on remote care connectivity by digitally connecting patients with health care providers at every point along the patient journey — especially between appointments, when support can mean the difference between recovery or winding up in an emergency room. Its senior-friendly solution, CareSimple, aims to lower health care costs by empowering care providers to monitor and support patients at home, making them active participants in their prescribed care plan. Microsoft products such as Azure Cloud Services and Azure Security Centre provide data connectivity and security, and support the software wherever it’s offered. Tactio uses this Azure capability to franchise its CareSimple platform to countries such as Sweden.

“COVID-19 accelerated the adoption of the platform and the decision time for health care providers to embrace digitization of remote care,” says Tactio founder and president Michel Nadeau, P.Eng. “It allowed patients to be monitored at home, freeing up hospital ICU beds for those with the most acute symptoms.”

Tactio’s director of product management, Charles Coutu-Nadeau, notes that he tested the senior-friendliness of the CareSimple Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) platform with his own grandparents.

“I gave them a cellular-enabled blood pressure monitor and showed them how to do a reading,” he says. “But they wanted to know what to do next. I explained that this was all they needed to do. If their blood pressure reading exceeded a certain number, they would receive a call. Some of our support calls are from patients who also think they’re missing a step — they can’t believe the process is that simple.”

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