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RPM Billing Guide 2024

As we have entered 2024, we’re excited to hear from many healthcare organizations planning for accelerated growth in the use of remote monitoring solutions to expand access to quality care. While most provider organizations have launched initiatives in remote monitoring programs, the focus is now shifting to expanding these solutions for wider adoption – delivering virtual care to more patients that need it. Increased patient volumes will be driven by strong execution around proven clinical use cases, along with the expansion into new realms like kidney disease management, high-risk maternity, and weight management.

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Screen Shot 2024 01 31 at 13.21.12 e1706728658406

NEW RHC/FQHC RPM Billing Codes


One of the major breakthroughs for the 2024 PFS is empowering Rural Health Centers (RHCs) and Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) to bill for RPM and RTM services. This marks a significant leap toward delivering virtual care to underserved patients and communities! Specifically for this group, we’ve created a customized RHC/FQHC remote monitoring Reimbursement Tree available for download.

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