Compass Medical Case Study

Leveraging the Power of Remote Patient Monitoring to Enhance Patient Engagement, Compliance, and Outcomes: A Compass Medical Success Story

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About This Case Study


Compass Medical, P.C. is a physician-owned and directed medical organization providing care to patients of all ages at six different locations across southeast Massachusetts. The practice employs over 100 providers and serves around 80,000 patients annually, offering multiple services including remote patient monitoring (RPM), post ER discharge follow up, and telehealth as part of its Centralized Care Management (CCM) program, dedicated to those with chronic health conditions.
Historically, the way that Compass Medical (Compass) approached pain management was quite similar to how RPM is conducted, that is, the practice was already constantly collecting data which enabled their care team to make timely interventions. As such, when kicking off its RPM initiative, Compass already had a level of familiarity. It all started with the purpose of guiding the patient and figuring out how they could best manage their health between appointments. For this program specifically, it was decided to focus on hypertension as the first use case.

Once the need was identified, the next step was to define the key criteria for success before implementing and executing on that purpose. For Compass, collaboration at this stage was key as various clinical, operational and management leadership teams came together and identified the primary goals they wanted to achieve as an organization. As this was before the COVID-19 pandemic, they had very clear and defined needs around facilitating the transition to value-based medicine.

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