Tactio Health Launches CareSimple

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Tactio Health, a recognized world leader in the field of virtual healthcare solutions, today announced a complete product rebranding effort in response to accelerated company growth and a renewal of its corporate vision for the future. At the heart of the rebrand is a change of the product name to CareSimple. Formerly known as Tactio Care, CareSimple is a population health platform that focuses on making virtual care simple and accessible to every care provider – and most importantly, every patient. CareSimple reflects Tactio’s vision for improving health outcomes for patients of any age, income and technical proficiency. With healthcare now representing over 18% of the GDP in America, all baby boomers reaching retirement age by 2030, and physician shortage that could reach 139,000 by 2033, digitizing patient care to reduce costs is no longer an option. Moreover, the current pandemic has exacerbated the need for a simpler, senior-friendly healthcare solutions for patients of all income levels. CareSimple’s innovative platform and 4G-enabled medical devices give patients the power to monitor their health conditions in the comfort of their own homes while empowering their care providers to manage large remote patient populations and proactively intervene at an individual level to improve health outcomes. “After pioneering digital health care models for years with some of the largest healthcare providers, payers and pharmaceuticals in the world, we felt that it was time to reflect the values that we focus on in a brand that would convey the simplicity of the experience we provide to patients and clinicians, with a perfect blend of technology, services and compassion.” – says Michel Nadeau, P.Eng., CEO and founder of Tactio Health Group. With over a decade of experience in creating senior-friendly solutions in the digital health space and servicing 4.5M patients in 17 countries, Tactio Health realized it was time for a rebrand to solidify its position, offering and direction in the Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) industry. The CareSimple name is rooted in the company’s commitment to creating virtual care solutions that map to the three cores values of simplicity, security and scalability. CareSimple’s rebranding is not just cosmetic. In addition to the new graphic identity, CareSimple continuously refines user-centric features and design to map to and integrate with existing health systems and workflows, making system interoperability a priority. Operational and product news in conjunction with this rebranding announcement include:

  • CareSimple Patient, the optional senior-friendly patient app, enabling patients to actively participate in their prescribed care plan and creating a channel for secured communication between patients and their care team, including video, is available on the App Store and Google Play.
  • CareSimple On-Premise (CS/OP) is CareSimple’s Enterprise Edition for self-managed digital health environments designed specifically to support the unique and complex requirements of enterprise organizations. CS/OP provides enterprise-grade capabilities to meet population health IT requirements for clients who wish to promote their brand, or with specific data residency, security, sovereignty or version control requirements.

For more information on how to leverage CareSimple to launch your own RPM Program, email us at [email protected].