On the Road to (Digital) HIMSS21 and Remote Chronic Disease Management Success

— Michel Nadeau, CEO of CareSimple

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The CareSimple team is thrilled to join thousands of healthcare visionaries as they come together this August for the HIMSS21 conference. This year, I will join Michael Dalton, Vice President, Virtual Care Enterprise at The MetroHealth System, as we step on the event’s virtual stage. A host of  health transformation innovators are also set to present at the digital event including Tomislav Mihaljevic, President and CEO, Cleveland Clinic, Michael Dowling, CEO, Northwell Health and Kim Keck, President and Chief Executive Officer, Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, to discuss the evolution of how patient care is being delivered. We are honored to be part of these great healthcare conversations.

While remote patient monitoring (RPM) is not a new healthcare offering, the technology has gained considerable traction in the past 24 months in large part due to the pandemic, but also as the true patient and provider benefits of RPM in general are realized in terms of enhanced clinical outcomes and cost savings.

From a provider standpoint, RPM has opened up new opportunities as it relates to patient engagement, allowing the patient-provider relationship to be more meaningful and accurate with less in-person time. RPM can free up physicians’ resources spent managing the chronic conditions of their patients— hypertension, diabetes, congestive heart failure, etc.— with staff managing tasks typically associated with clinicians.  As the logistics of care delivery improve—a decrease in office visits, patient travel and waiting times, and the associated costs that patients incur—provider offices gain efficiencies. Finally, access to more robust, detailed and often real-time physiologic data sets gives physicians a clearer and more holistic view of their patients’ health and treatment adherence, and enables timely interventions and more informed care plans.

And when it comes to patient adoption, according to a recent survey from MSI International, four out of five consumers surveyed reported that they were fully ready to embrace RPM because they are increasingly recognizing its benefits for safely and effectively monitoring their chronic conditions. For example, RPM empowers them to monitor and manage their health from the comfort of their own home, leveraging technology to wirelessly send the information from their compatible medical device directly to their health file for remote review and monitoring by their provider. With these real-time clinical insights in hand, care teams can check on their health and make decisions on how to provide the best care for them, which can prevent or delay emergency room visits and hospitalizations.

CareSimple was founded around the primary goal of bringing to market an RPM offering that was simple enough for any patient to use regardless of age, income and technical proficiency. And our innovative platform and 4G-enabled medical devices were purpose-built to give patients the ability to monitor their health conditions from their own homes while arming their care providers with the ability to manage large remote patient populations and proactively intervene at an individual level to improve health outcomes.

In our HIMSS21 Digital session next week, “Empower Population Health with RPM,” Michael and I will examine how physician groups and other healthcare organizations that already provide Chronic Care Management (CCM) services can develop an integrated CCM/RPM program that can improve care while generating potentially additional new revenues annually for practices or cost savings for at-risk patients. As part of the presentation, we will highlight our own CareSimple/MetroHealth System RPM success story which is integrated on Epic, outlining our collaboration from a three-month pilot at the height of the pandemic to a full virtual chronic disease management program and the clinical achievements along the way as well as foreseen in the future.

Interested in hearing more about how to integrate RPM into your existing population health program? Please register for our August 9th, HIMSS21 Digital session here. Looking to arrange a conversation with our team to learn more about how we work with physician practices to integrate RPM into their CCM programs? Reach out today!