CareSimple Appoints Kevin Quinn as Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)

Kevin Quinn, a seasoned executive with decades of healthcare leadership experience, will serve on executive team for leading provider of remote patient monitoring (RPM) solutions

Kevin Quinn COO CareSimple

NORTH PALM BEACH, Monday, December 5, 2022 — CareSimple®, a leading provider of secure, scalable and user-friendly telehealth platforms and enterprise solutions, has announced the addition of Kevin Quinn to its executive team as Chief Commercial Officer (CCO).

A successful leader with a proven track record in virtual care, Kevin is uniquely qualified to head up the commercial strategy around CareSimple’s innovative remote patient monitoring (RPM) solutions. And with extensive experience in SaaS development, change management, team building, strategic planning and other key leadership skills, he’s also strongly positioned to guide CareSimple through the next phase of its mission to make virtual care simpler and more accessible to patients and providers across the United States.

Before joining CareSimple, Kevin served as Vice President, Sales & Business Development at Oculo, VP of Eye Care Solution Sales at iCare, Head of Business Innovation at Lincare Holdings Inc. and SVP of Corporate Development at AMC Health, among several other leadership and business development positions at Aetna / CVS Health, United Healthcare and others. Skilled in creating alliances, collaborative relationships and “go to market” strategies, he also possesses a decades-long reputation as a leading figure in the healthcare and technology space.

“We’re excited to have Kevin join the CareSimple team. He’s been in telehealth and RPM since 2009, just like CareSimple, but with a diverse and highly complementary sales leadership experience,” said CareSimple CEO Michel Nadeau. “We hired Kevin from 477 applicants to the role and in addition to the job requirements, the sheer combination of market experience, shared values and team chemistry led to selecting Kevin which will now drive our growth forward.”

“With his exceptional track record in the business of telehealth and virtual care, Kevin brings valuable expertise to a leadership team that already boasts immense talent and experience,” said CareSimple board member Jamie Condie. “We’re excited to have him aboard and can’t wait to see what the future holds.”

“I’m excited to join the CareSimple team”, said Quinn.  “CareSimple is deeply committed to assisting clinicians and helping them improve the care they provide while equally supporting patients in their homes.  I believe CareSimple is uniquely able to scale RPM programs here in the US and I look forward to working with our customers to achieve that goal.”



CareSimple® is an easy-to-use, secure, and scalable way to offer remote patient monitoring (RPM) to at-risk patient populations. The company’s RPM platform offers an end-to-end virtual care solution that integrates into electronic health records, providing hospital systems and physician groups with software, medical devices, connectivity, logistics, and professional services required to improve their population health programs with EHR-integrated RPM.

CareSimple’s seamless patient-to-cloud-to-EHR data transmission, smart alerts, effective engagement, and automatic documentation capabilities enable nurses and care managers to focus on patient care, and give providers a holistic view of their patients’ health to help prevent costly readmissions and improve care.

Powered by highly dedicated professionals — digital health pioneers with over a decade of profound RPM experience — CareSimple is HIPAA compliant and operates under the rigor of its ISO 13485 Quality and ISO 27001 Security audited certifications. For more information about CareSimple, please visit



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