RPM Vendor SAMPLE RFP for Remote Patient Monitoring Solutions

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Remote Patient Monitoring RPM Request for Proposal RFP Free Template

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About This Template

This RFP template is provided by CareSimple, the platform that makes remote patient monitoring (RPM) simple enough for any patient.

With RPM adoption growing steadily since Medicare introduced reimbursement codes in 2018 and primary care increasingly transitioning to virtual care, more than 30% of health systems in the United States are looking to select their RPM vendor in 2021.

Throughout the years, RFPs have been an integral part of successful collaborations with health systems in the United States. By being aligned from the onset on requirements and capabilities, we become your RPM technology partners and enable you to implement quickly and scale gracefully.

This template was developed by unifying the most frequently asked questions in RFPs, and by adding questions that will help health systems easily assess the fit, quality, and chances for long-term success of a platform vendor.

We like our chances of becoming your RPM technology partner, but this document is for you to edit and make it your own assessment tool to find the best possible solution for your organization. Even we don’t have perfect answers to every single question listed in the document.

If you have changes to suggest to the template, if you need help to write an RFP or if you have an RFP coming up for remote patient monitoring, please contact [email protected].

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