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End-to-end remote patient monitoring solution (software & devices) that keep it simple for patients and empower you to monitor, engage and educate

Simple to use, and to implement

Designed on a platform that has supported more than 4 million patients worldwide, CareSimple is an end-to-end solution that lets you quickly implement a remote patient monitoring program and expand gracefully, focused entirely on patient care

remote patient monitoring devices

4G-enabled devices for your patients

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Integrated portal for your care managers

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Multiple chronic conditions or post-acute care

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How it works

Simplicity delivered directly to your patients

The traditional RPM setup consists of providing patients with a tablet and kit of medical peripherals. This implies a complicated web of setup, settings, connectivity and a fair share of technical problems.

CareSimple starts with cellular-enabled patient medical devices that work standalone, transmit their results in near real-time to a clinical web portal and can be accompanied by an optional patient app available on any iOS and Android smartphone or tablet.

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You register a new patient from the CareSimple portal (or in bulk from your EHR)

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We prepare and deliver pre-configured medical devices that work out-of-the-box: no app, pairing, WiFi, training or setup required


Patient takes their vitals daily or more – as recommended by you and reminded by the platform


Your care team can manage all your patients – regardless of their condition – from a single portal that can be integrated with your EHR


If the patient owns a smartphone, an app is available for reminders, exchange messages, receive video calls and get insights on collected data

Remote Patient Monitoring Cellular-Enabled Devices

Delivered directly to patients, pre-configured and working out of the box. No app, pairing, WiFi, training or technical setup are required.

remote blood pressure monitoring

Blood Pressure Monitor

CareSimple 4G Blood Pressure Monitor 1

CareSimple 4G Blood Pressure Monitor – Technical Specifications

External Dimensions 4.0” x 5.6” x 2.9”
Weight 0.60 lb without batteries
Accuracy Pressure: ±3 mmHg (0.4 kPa)
Pulse: ±5 %
Power Supply 4 x 1.5V alkaline AA batteries (included)
Connectivity Cellular-enabled – devices have a data plan associated to them
Measurement Method Oscillometric measurement
Measurement Range Rated cuff pressure: 0 – 299 mmHg (0.0 – 39.9 kPa)
Systolic pressure: 60 – 230 mmHg (8.0 – 30.7 kPa)
Diastolic pressure: 40 – 130 mmHg (5.3 – 17.3 kPa)
Pulse: 40 – 199 beats/min
Ships with CareSimple 4G Blood Pressure Monitor, Extended Adult Cuff (9” – 17”), 
4 AA Batteries and Set Up Guide
Warranty 12 months from first patient measurement
Regulatory FDA Class 2 Regulation 870.1130 Establishment 3011420269 / FCC Standard 47 CFR Part 15, Subpart B


remote weight monitoring

Body Weight Scale

CareSimple 4G Body Weight Scale

CareSimple 4G Scale
Technical Specifications

External Dimensions  12.6” x 12.6” x 1.1” 
Weight  5.1 lb without batteries 
Capacity  440 lb 
Power Supply  4 x 1.5V alkaline AA batteries 
Connectivity  Cellular-enabled – devices have a data plan associated to them 
Measurement Unit  Lbs/kg 
Resolution  0.1 lb 
Ships with  CareSimple 4G Scale 4 AA Batteries and Set Up Guide 
Warranty  12 months from first patient measurement 
Regulatory  FDA Class 1 Establishment 3011420269 / FCC Standard 47 CFR Part 15, Subpart B


remote glucose monitoring

Blood Glucose Monitor

CareSimple 4G Blood Glucose Monitor

CareSimple 4G Glucometer
Technical Specifications

External Dimensions  12.6” x 12.6” x 1.1” 
Weight  85.0 ± 5 g with battery 
Power Supply  Rechargeable battery (3.7V, 1,000mAh Li-Ion) 
Connectivity  Cellular-enabled – devices have a data plan associated to them 
Measurement Range  20-600 mg/dL 
Sample Volume  0.75μL minimum 
Test Time  5 seconds 
Test Strip Storage/ Transportation Conditions  39-860F (4-300C) 10-90% relative humidity 
Interferences  Ascorbic acid > 5 mg/dL Cholesterol > 600 mg/dL Uric acid > 9 mg/dL 
Hematocrit Range  20-60% 
Shelf life after opening the test strip vial  3 months 
Ships With  iGlucose® Blood Glucose Monitoring Meter
iGlucose® Test Strips (210 total)
iGlucose® Control Solution 
SteriLance LDE3 Lancing Device
SteriLance Soft® Lancets 30g (110 total)
Carrying Case, Charger and Quick Start Guide
Warranty  12 months from first patient measurement 
Regulatory  FDA Class 2 Regulation 21.CFR 862.1345  K161790 / FCC Standard 47 CFR Part 15, Subpart B 
Ordering strips  iGlucose® Test Strips can be purchased directly through Smart Meter website at


lte remote patient monitoring

Cellular vs Bluetooth Devices

CareSimple devices have embedded SIM cards, using cellular networks to securely transmit readings to the cloud and eliminating the technical pitfalls of BTLE/hub-based systems. For patients, the result is an experience as simple as using their own BP monitor, scale or glucose monitor, with nothing more required than taking readings daily or more. For you, a constant flow of data and no connectivity problems to worry about.

Devices are made available by CareSimple Inc. and manufactured by corresponding patient device manufacturers
Only available in USA

CareSimple Clinical Portal

Manage all patients from a single portal

Our portal can integrate seamlessly with your EHR. Add/remove patients, set care plans from a set of rich templates, send messages to patients, initiate video calls, request questionnaires, or share evidence-based and multilingual (English and Spanish) educational content – all in one spot!

ehr integrated remote patient monitoring

Alerts that fit your triage workflows

CareSimple alerts have different levels of color-coded severity and can take simple (threshold) or complex (combination of data) parameters. You can customize it all on a per-patient or per-population level to enhance chronic and post-acute care.

remote patient monitoring app

One list for your entire patient population

Organize your patients with groups, tags, profile, sorting and KPIs showing accumulated patient and clinical data. CareSimple was designed so you can personalize navigation based on your requirements and preferences.

telehealth video conferencing

360° patient engagement

Automated reminders, messaging, questionnaires, patient education articles, videocalling and care plan management are all available under the same roof so you can provide a personalized and immersive connected care experience to your patients.
atomated remote patient monitoring

Automated for efficiency

Avoiding manual, redundant, and low-value work is the core principle of the CareSimple Clinical Portal. Population-level reporting, automatic time logging and an EHR integration to automatically upload information to your patients’ charts are there to make sure the platform works for you.

Key Features

remote patient monitoring application

Trends & insights

Available to both patients and their care team, color-coded graphs and stats provide visual feedback on progress.
time logging remote patient monitoring

Automatic time-logging

Designed to work for you and not the other way around, CareSimple automatically logs the time spent monthly on each patient record.
hypertension remote patient monitoring

Customizable care plans

Work from our readily available templates for COPD, CHF, diabetes, hypertension, COVID-19 and other – or create your own.


Send questionnaires

Either automatically or on-demand, you can complement vitals with qualitative insights by sending questionnaires to your patients.

bidirectional messaging remote patient monitoring


Exchange text messages, images, PDF documents, questionnaires or tasks from a built-in bidirectional messaging module.
real-time remote patient monitoring

Near real-time alerts

Both simple (threshold) and complex (combination of data) alerts can be customized to fit your triage workflows.

remote patient monitoring products

Multiple conditions

Manage all your patients from a single list and organize your workflows with groups, tags, sorting and filtering.

videocalling remote patient monitoring


No need for a third-party app installation for you or for your patients. Simply initiate a call from the CareSimple portal and the app will ring.

fda approved remote patient monitoring devices

Educational articles, videos and more

Integrating best-of-class educational content, CareSimple helps you drive positive behavior change one resource at a time.

Higher patient engagement

CareSimple Patient App can help with better compliance

senior-friendly remote patient monitoring

Senior-friendly BYOD

Featuring large buttons and high contrasts, CareSimple is designed to help senior patients to stay on track with their program from the convenience of their own smartphone. It’s a companion but not a necessity since CareSimple 4G devices work standalone.

Boost patient compliance

Following the schedule set forth in the patient’s care plan, the app sends prompt reminders, articles, videos and questionnaires to the patient. A color-coded system (green = good, red = warning) also helps patients understand their progress.

Provide a feeling of proximity

With built-in messaging and videocalling modules, patients can receive live calls from their care team, discuss their care plan and ask non-urgent questions. No plugin needed – everything is included in the app.

Collect more insights

Connecting directly with additional Bluetooth peripherals (Nonin pulse oximeters, MIR spirometers and Garmin smart bracelets), the CareSimple app can help collect more data. A questionnaire module also helps by adding qualitative insights and feedback about the program.

Additional Options

electronic health record remote patient monitoring

EHR Integration

CareSimple integrates with most electronic health records in the United States, for both small and large hospitals.
bluetooth remote patient monitoring

Additional Devices

The CareSimple patient app can be paired with select A&D, Nonin, MIR and Garmin Bluetooth devices, as well as Apple Health

remote patient monitoring solutions 2021


CareSimple can be installed on-prem for health systems that need to achieve specific data residency, security and sovereignty requirements.

Our team can show you how RPM can be simple to implement and easy to manage.

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