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With remote patient care, enjoy life and manage your health condition from the comfort of your home

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CareSimple can help you monitor and manage your health from the comfort of your home.

The CareSimple program wirelessly sends the information from your compatible medical device directly to your health file for remote review and monitoring by your physician.

With that data, your care team can check on your health and make decisions on how to provide the best care for you.

Regular monitoring of chronic conditions helps with keeping your measurements within range, which can prevent or delay emergency room visits and hospitalizations.

CareSimple can help you manage conditions such as



Congestive Heart Failure
Inflammatory Bowel Disease
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Post-surgery Surveillance
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And others

Stay home, stay safe, stay connected

Connect with your doctor from the comfort and privacy of your home

remote patient monitoring for patients

Your medical device is delivered to you at home

remote patient monitoring patient

Your daily readings are automatically sent to your doctor

the benefits of remote patient monitoring

Your care team sees trends and engages with you

rpm pattients

Your care plan or medication may then be adjusted

CareSimple 4G Blood Pressure Monitor 1

Blood Pressure Monitor

CareSimple 4G Body Weight Scale

Body Weight Scale

CareSimple 4G Blood Glucose Monitor

Blood Glucose Monitor

Familiar devices, just seamlessly connected

And if you have a smartphone, iPhone or Android, the CareSimple App adds lots of convenient services for you and your doctor 

remote patient care

Designed to help improve the quality of life  

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is covered by Medicare as well as many private insurers

Think RPM with CareSimple is right for you? Contact your employer, health plan or health care provider to learn if they sponsor this program.

RPM helps you stay in control, saving time and money, from the safety of your home.

Ask your doctor if RPM is right for you.

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